Hey, I'm Lauren!


I am a personal development coach for young people who are ready to take ownership of their lives and start living with purpose. 

My mission is to help you define your vision and thrive in the process. My goal is to help you transform your life into something you can be proud of.

Every Superhero Needs an Origin Story

Fall of 2015 I felt lost and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. Thinking about my future was overwhelming and felt a little hopeless. How would I ever get from where I am now, to this theoretical awesome future that I can’t even conjure up in my imagination because I don’t know what it should look like.

I accepted my own limiting beliefs that I wasn’t good enough, special enough, talented enough to rise above my current circumstance and live a truly incredible life.


Then I deleted my facebook.


I stopped listening to the discontented narrative we all buy into, I stopped comparing my real-life to everyone else's idealized-life on Instagram, I tuned all of it out and focused on me and my family. Then an amazing, unintended consequence happened because of it. I started to learn who I was, what I wanted, and what I was capable of without fear or shame. It was life-changing.


Now, I have a clear vision of what I want and a passion in my soul that fuels me every day. I know I can accomplish what I set out to do if I am willing to put in the work. And so can you.

This is where you come in ...

If you read my story and are thinking "I am right there with you, sister!" then you are my people! I promise to motivate and inspire you to realize and actualize your ideal life. 

Well, my friend ...

It is time to stop dreaming and take action.

Are you ready for the rest of your life to begin?