• Lauren Buchanan

What Goes In

Over winter break, my husband and I enjoyed what we call our annual #netflixothon (we only sign up for Netflix one month out of the entire year, more on that later 😉) and I enjoyed watching many a sci-fi thriller. One of my favorite genres is dystopian sci-fi, but after almost a full year of no TV, I began to realize how much the content I consumed affected me. All the sudden I was neurotic, ancy and negative. . Taking such a long break from all TV, made the reintroduction of it very enlightening. What I consume has a huge impact on how I feel. . I want to be full of uplifting, encouraging and motivating things. . Comment below 👇 with the last thing you watched (TV, Movie etc) and how it made you feel. Let's get honest with ourselves and start up a conversation!

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